img verreWhy does JANO water have such an extraordinary taste?

JANO water tastes so remarkable that people forget that it is simply water.”

A perfect taste, described in one word: balance.

In the course of its filtering, several minerals are naturally added to water, and the resulting mix, measured in ppm (part per million), produces its taste. A high ppm count produces a slightly salty taste, or sometimes a bitter one. The opposite is also true: a water without or with a very low ppm count results in a water that is bland and lifeless.

With its 83 ppm, JANO water has a perfect balance and a distinctive and refreshing taste; the true taste of water in its most natural form.

Did you know that to truly appreciate the taste of water, it should be consumed at room temperature?

JANO natural spring water tastes good whether consumed cold, at room temperature, and even when warm. Those who enjoy drinking warm water or herbal tea will appreciate it even more.