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The purity of its spring
JANO natural spring water is collected in New Brunswick, in an exceptional location that is protected from all pollution. The surrounding area is 90% forested and the drainage basin of the spring is found in an area of undeveloped forest.

Respect for a patient, natural filtration process

Instead of being pumped, water is collected where it springs naturally from the ground. This ensures that the underground filtration cycle, which lasts seven years, is fully respected.

Its perfect mineral salt content
The long filtration process, in an exceptional underground formation, produces water that is uniquely balanced. Hence, its mineral salt content, notably in calcium, magnesium and potassium, is 87 parts per million, which is considered ideal for the human body . . . and also for the taste of the water!

Its 7.1 pH level is considered ideal, according to the experts
Indeed, it is very close to that of blood and bodily fluids. This property of the remarkably balanced JANO water enables you to drink plenty of it, without any “stress” to your body. This is why JANO water is particularly recommended for newborns and athletes . . . so go ahead and drink to your health!

It is bottled under the highest possible standards
JANO spring water is bottled in a modern facility, in accordance with HACCP certified management rules and without being transformed in any way.

100% of the company’s jobs are created in New Brunswick
By buying JANO water, you are not filling the pockets of a multinational; you are doing business with a company that creates jobs here, in New Brunswick.

Its taste: that of water in its purest form!
With all these qualities, JANO’s taste is so fine and distinctive that those who drink it must sometimes remind themselves that it is only water!