img corpsWhy is JANO water especially recommended for newborns and athletes?

Because of its perfect mineral salt content, because of its remarkably balanced pH level and because of its exquisite taste!

A perfect mineral salt content

This long filtration process, in an exceptional underground formation in northern New Brunswick, produces water that is uniquely balanced. Hence its mineral salt content, notably in calcium, magnesium and potassium, is 87 parts per million, which is considered ideal for the human body . . . as well as for the taste of the water! A higher or a lower concentration can produce a salty taste – and a risk of kidney stones – or a bland taste, without life.

Its 7.1 pH level is considered ideal, according to the experts
Indeed, it is very close to that of blood and bodily fluids. This property of the remarkably balanced Jano water enables you to drink plenty of it, and without any “stress” to your body. This is why Jano water is particularly recommended for newborns and athletes . . . so you can drink it to your health!

Its taste: that of water in its purest form!
With all these qualities, Jano’s taste is so fine and distinctive that those who drink it must sometime remind themselves that it is only water!