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The JANO spring was discovered around 1988 by Gilbert Légère, who was landowner where the spring is located. Less than a decade later, Lorenzo Morais from Caraquet became the landowner. Mr Morais was a businessman and a politician, and like many...

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The purity of its spring
JANO natural spring water is collected in New Brunswick, in an exceptional location that is protected from all pollution. The surrounding area is 90% forested and the drainage basin of the spring is found in an area of undeveloped forest.

img corpsWhy is JANO water especially recommended for newborns and athletes?

Because of its perfect mineral salt content, because of its remarkably balanced pH level and because of its exquisite taste!

img verreWhy does JANO water have such an extraordinary taste?

JANO water tastes so remarkable that people forget that it is simply water.”

A perfect taste, described in one word: balance.

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JANO is striving to offer a superior level of service, which meets your expectations and suits your requirements. This service is of course provided with our own JANO spring water – a highly regarded, quality water that is making the people of New Brunswick proud.

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