International award-winning New Brunswick bottled water hits shelves in the province

JANO is the official water sponsor for Legs for Literacy #NBproud

(October 20, 2016 – Moncton, NB) A new bottled water option hit shelves across the province this month and it’s sourced locally, right here in New Brunswick. JANO Natural Spring Water, bottled in Village Blanchard near Caraquet, NB, has been rated as one of the top three bottled waters in the world.

“This natural resource that we’ve tapped into is amazing,” said René Chiasson, JANO’s General Manager. “We’re extremely proud of the quality of our water with its natural mineral content of 83 ppm, JANO has the perfect balance and the distinctive refreshing taste of water in its most natural form.”

JANO is sourced in an exceptional location in New Brunswick. The drainage basin of the spring is found in an area of undeveloped forest. Instead of being pumped, water is collected where it springs naturally from the ground. This ensures that the underground filtration cycle, which lasts seven years, is fully respected.

JANO’s 7.1 pH level is considered ideal by experts – one of the reasons it’s been ranked so high and is particularly recommended for newborns and athletes.

The company, which is extremely NB proud and health focused, is proud to be the official water sponsor for Legs for Literacy being held in Greater Moncton on October 22-23. The JANO team will be out in full force at the event with some major contributions that will add to the festivities. On top of supplying all the water for the event, JANO will be live streaming the runners as they cross the finish line on Facebook and they will also have a photo booth set-up for participants to capture the moment.

“We’re thrilled to be able to support an active lifestyle in our community and province,” said Jacques C. F. Lanteigne, Controller of the company. “We’re really excited to cheer on the runners this weekend and looking forward to meeting even more members of the community.”

JANO spring water is bottled in a modern facility without the water being transformed in any way. When you buy JANO Natural Spring Water, you’re not only getting water of the highest quality, you’re also supporting the NB economy. They are proud to be creating jobs in the province.

With an offering of various sizes of water products, you can find JANO in the cooler of many stores across the province. Home and office delivery is also offered for water cooler service.

About JANO Natural Spring Water
Sourced from a spring in Village Blanchard near Caraquet, NB, JANO has been rated one of the top three bottled waters in the world.

JANO offers its products in various sizes: 18.9L, 11.3L, 4L, 1.5L, 1L and 500ml.

The company employs up to 30 employees all year round.

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